Manufacturing process of lithium ion battery pack:



Manufacturing process of lithium ion battery pack:

The manufacturing process of lithium-ion battery can be divided into four steps: pole piece manufacturing, cell assembly, cell activation detection and battery packaging. The manufacturing process of electrode plate includes stirring, coating, rolling, cutting, slicing, and electrode lug forming, which is the basis of lithium-ion battery manufacturing, and has high requirements for the performance, accuracy, stability, automation level and production efficiency of electrode plate manufacturing equipment;

The core assembly process includes winding or laminating, pre packaging and electrolyte injection, which requires high accuracy, efficiency and consistency;

Cell activation detection technology includes cell formation and capacitance separation detection;

The battery packaging process includes testing, classifying, series parallel combination of the single batteries, and testing the performance and reliability of the assembled lithium-ion battery pack.

Market analysis of lithium ion battery pack production equipment

(1) Lithium equipment companies began to gather in the capital market. In order to speed up the pace of expansion and occupy an advantage in the fierce market competition, a number of lithium battery equipment companies started IPO or financing. With the help of capital, the competition of lithium battery equipment industry will intensify;

(2) The market competition of domestic lithium battery production equipment is fierce, and the demand for new technology is strong. At present, there is no super company with obvious technical advantages, large scale and leading use in the industry in the equipment link of lithium-ion battery pack in China. Most equipment companies carry out development and design around large battery companies and maintain the leading technology in one or several links. With the follow-up of the capital boom, the number of equipment manufacturers has increased significantly, and their strength has also increased significantly compared with before. The competition between equipment companies is increasing, and the requirements for the technical strength and financial strength of equipment companies are higher;