What is the future development direction of lithium ion battery separator technology Development direction of separator technology for lithium ion batteries in the future



What is the future development direction of lithium ion battery separator technology

Development direction of separator technology for lithium ion batteries in the future

Lithium ion battery separator technology is mainly divided into dry process and wet process. Dry process has lower cost but is not suitable for high specific energy battery. Wet process is thinner and can meet the requirements of high specific energy for power lithium battery, but the cost is higher. Wet diaphragm production exceeded dry diaphragm production in 2017.

Future development: thin diaphragm. With the rapid increase of specific energy of power lithium-ion batteries, 16 μ m, 12 μ m and even 8 μ m separators are applied, and the separators made by wet process can meet the requirements. With the reduction of subsidies for new energy vehicles and the gradual improvement of dry diaphragm process, the proportion of dry diaphragm in ternary battery is gradually increasing.

Each performance index of lithium-ion battery separator restricts and influences each other. All separator manufacturers are looking for the best combination, and there is no separator with the best performance index. Therefore, it is necessary to find the balance point in the comprehensive evaluation index of electrical performance, safety performance and large-scale production. Because the traditional diaphragm becomes thinner and thinner, it is necessary to apply glue or ceramic on the diaphragm to meet the requirements of thermal stability and tensile strength.

Development trend of lithium-ion battery separator: coating, non-woven fabric and their combination technology will be the future trend. In the future, the development trend of lithium-ion battery separator will be diversified with the development of new fields such as power lithium-ion battery and energy storage. Simple polyethylene separator can only be used for 3C products. The high-end market should be supported by perfect separator. Coating, non-woven fabric and the combination of the two technologies will be the future development direction.

Demand status of separator for lithium ion battery

China's lithium-ion battery separator Market is rising rapidly. As the world's largest lithium-ion battery manufacturing base and the second largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer and exporter, China's demand for separator is increasing day by day.

China's lithium-ion battery market will further increase to nearly 100gw, and the demand for wet diaphragm will reach nearly 800 million square meters. By 2020, according to the proportion of 70%, the demand of wet diaphragm in China will be about 1.3 billion square meters, and the market space will double.

At present, the supply of medium and high-end lithium-ion battery separators is in short supply, so the company will further expand the production of wet process lithium-ion battery separators. Some industry analysts pointed out that with the new production gradually put into production, China's lithium-ion battery separator market may have a serious oversupply situation. At that time, the market competition of lithium-ion battery separator will be further intensified, the fierce price war may not be prevented, and the market gross profit rate will be greatly reduced.