Lithium battery update



Lithium battery update

1. Cui Dongshu from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers: China's automobile production and sales scale is bound to exceed 40 million vehicles

On November 18th, Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the National Passenger Car Market Information Joint Conference, pointed out that: The scale of the new car market will further increase significantly, with significant increases in automobile exports and contributions from new energy sources. Therefore, there will be further breakthroughs in the scale of the Chinese automobile market in the future, and there will be huge development space for new car sales. This year, the China Passenger Car Association will estimate that the annual production and sales will reach 29.5 million, and it will definitely reach 40 million vehicles in the future. However, at the same time, the current industry efficiency is also facing significant pressure

2. CITIC Securities: Lithium ore prices are expected to continue to be weak due to widening decline

According to CITIC Securities Research Report, in the third quarter of 2023, Australian lithium ore production maintained growth, but sales fell month on month, and the decline in sales prices widened. Affected by the decline in mining prices, the outlook for lithium prices in the future remains weak. However, some Australian mining companies plan to reduce sales and have high costs for new or expanded projects, which limits the space for a significant decline in lithium prices in the short term. At the same time, against the backdrop of a rebound in the new energy industry chain, the trend of the lithium sector's surging strength is expected to continue. It is recommended to pay attention to lithium producers with cost advantages.

3. Jerry Co., Ltd.: It is the first large-scale centralized contract signing with domestic and foreign companies such as Wanhua Chemical in the global lithium battery resource recycling field

According to a reporter from Cailian News Agency, this morning, Jerry Environmental Protection, a subsidiary of Jerry Group, signed a cooperation agreement with companies such as Wanhua Chemical Group Battery Technology Co., Ltd. to achieve extensive cooperation in the construction of lithium battery resource disposal factories, lithium battery crushing and recycling projects, new energy battery material production, environmental governance, equipment research and development and manufacturing, and other fields, This is the first large-scale centralized signing ceremony in the field of lithium battery resource utilization and recycling worldwide. According to insiders from Jerry Group, the complete set of lithium battery resource recycling equipment signed this time has solved industry problems such as poor crushing and sorting performance of lithium batteries and low battery powder recovery rate in the past. It can achieve mixed charged crushing of multiple types of batteries such as lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary, with battery powder recovery purity and recovery rate reaching 98%, achieving industry breakthroughs and improving the recycling and utilization rate of lithium batteries. At the same time, the equipment adopts multiple protective measures such as a sealing system and a Dust-Free deep purification system, which can effectively treat fluorinated organic waste gas. The dust carrying capacity of the exhaust gas is reduced by more than 50%, meeting the current emission requirements of any country with high standards, and achieving energy-saving and environmentally friendly recycling.

4. Changan Automobile plans to have a battery team size of 3000 people next year and launch 8 self-developed battery cells by 2030

According to the official WeChat account of Changan Automobile, on November 17, at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, Changan Automobile released its battery field plan. Changan Automobile plans to launch 8 self-developed battery cells including liquid, semi solid, and solid by 2030, forming a battery capacity of no less than 150GWh; The first CTV technology will begin mass production in 2024, achieving a group efficiency of ≥ 86%. In addition, there are over 1200 research and development personnel related to Changan Automobile batteries, with a planned investment of 10 billion yuan in the future. By 2024, the battery team size will reach 3000 people.

5. UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Hunter to invest £ 4.5 billion in UK manufacturing starting from 2025

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Hunter, has stated that he will invest £ 4.5 billion ($5.6 billion) in eight manufacturing sectors, including the automotive and green industries, to support industries that the government considers crucial for UK economic growth. The UK Treasury Department stated in an email statement on Friday evening that this funding includes £ 2 billion for the automotive industry, £ 960 million for clean energy, and £ 975 million for aerospace. However, as Hunter prepares for next week's tax and expenditure package, there are signs of tight financial conditions, and these funds will not be available to manufacturers until 2025.