How much is the best charge for Apple mobile phone?



1. In daily use, Apple's mobile phone is better not to use automatic shutdown, but to charge the mobile phone when the power of the mobile phone is 20% - 40%, which can be unplugged when it is full.            2. Early cell phones used nickel cadmium and nickel hydrogen batteries, which needed similar "activation.".            These batteries will produce a "memory effect". When they are charged in the state of incomplete discharge, it is easy to overcharge the battery. After a long time, the user will feel that the battery will soon run out of power, so it needs to be charged for 12 hours for the first time, and it is better to recharge when they are used up.            3. The battery used on the iPhone is lithium-ion battery. Its initialization process has been completed at manufacture time, so it does not need to be activated at the beginning of use. Lithium battery also has no memory effect and can be charged at any time. If the mobile phone uses automatic shutdown, the internal voltage of lithium battery will be too low due to excessive discharge, and it may not be able to start and charge. Therefore, lithium battery charging pays attention to "eat less and eat more". Frequent shallow charging and discharging is more helpful to prolong its life.