Methanesulfonic Chloride (MSC)

Methanesulfonic Chloride (MSC)


Product   name:                  Methanesulfonic Chloride (MSC)

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Chemical Formula   :         [CH3SO2Cl]

Product Description:

Methane Sulfonyl Chloride, CH3SO2Cl is a versatile,   reactive chemical which offers a mesyl group (CH3S02-)   for substitution in a number of reactions. Methane Sulfonyl Chloride, an acid   chloride, undergoes reactions which typify this class of compounds, such as   replacement of hydroxyl, amino and active alpha hydrogens, hydrolysis, etc

Toxic. Corrosive. Inhalation Hazard. Molecular Weight: 114.6. Odor: Heavy   Stimulant Odor. Appearance: Transparent Oil Liquid. Cas # 124-63-0, Un #   3246.


MSC is made from the chlorination of DMDS. The process is clean, and no detectable impurities   of methyl methane thiosulfonate. It is ideal for pharmaceutical applications.   Used as catalyst, chlorinating agent, firming agent, stabilizer or as an intermediate   for dyes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

Methane Sulfonic Acid 70%  in Electrochemical Applications:

·  Replacement for fluoboric acid and   fluoborates in tin/lead plating

·  Wire and steel strip tin plating

·  Metal finishing of silver, copper, nickel   and palladium

·  Immersion and spray stripping

·  Lead recovery from scrap batteries

·  Electrolytic stripping

·  Electropolishing

·  Regenerating ion exchange resins

Methane Sulfonic Acid 70% is an excellent catalyst for esterification, alkylation and condensation reactions. Methane Sulfonic Acid yields purer and   lower color esters than both sulfuric and para-toluene sulfonic acids. Unlike   titanate catalysts, Methane Sulfonic Acid can be used at low temperatures.

Key Benefits of Methane Sulfonic Acid in Esterifcation:

·  Low molecular weight

·  Pure and non-oxidizing

·  Limited by-products

·  High thermal stability

·  A clear rag layer

·  Recyclable

·  Biodegradable

·  Easily handled

·  Less corrosive than H2SO4

Methane Sulfonic Acid is the catalyst of choice for: acetates, acrylates,   phthalates, fatty acid esters and thioglycolates.

Product Specifications:



Purity (by weight):

99.5% Min.


Methyl Methane     Thiosulfonate:

500 ppm Max.

<100 ppm

Dimethyl Disulfide:

500 ppm Max.

<100 ppm


10 ppm Max.

<5 ppm

Heavy metals (as Pb):

10 ppm Max.

<5 ppm

Water content:

250 ppm Max.

<100 ppm

Color (APHA):

50 Max.



Colorless to slightly     yellow



(1) Packed in 250Kg   per X-type drum (iron/plastic drum).
  (2) In Oino special Iso-Tank Containers.

Special Storage Conditions:

High humidity and   elevated temperature should be avoided. Must be stored in well-vented storage  .